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Christmas Eve 2017 Christmas Card
Christmas Eve 2017 Christmas Card
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CHRISTMAS EVE by Kenneth Wyatt It was Christmas Eve on a snow - covered and cold winter night. The wood fire was a blazin’, lamps an’ coal oil gave out the light. A blue spruce tree stood tall in the middle of the hardwood floor. Lookin’ real close, it was the “Pastor Santa” who stood at the door. There was one man had a banjo and there was a fiddle or two. They was all a tunin’ up – we had a heap of singing to do. We sang all the songs about Christmas – they were loud and they were clear. Everybody joined right in – why, we’d been a waitin’ all year. The singin’ over, Preacher, he got up and passed out the treats. Included were nuts and fruits, and on top, some really good sweets. I got an orange, an apple and there were several things more. Grabbin’ the apple I swallowed it down – includin’ the core. With the treats all finished and everything that was left put away. We all sat in the pew and then the Preacher, he took time to pray. He thanked God for His blessings…for our families and friends. He thanked God for love, for good times, even for giggles and grins. That preacher didn’t leave nothin’ out, nothin’ that should’a been prayed. ‘Specially that part about Jesus, an’ the gift that he one time gave. The prayer shut the Christmas Eve party, but, left me eternally blest. Of all the gifts by that tree, what Jesus gave – was the absolute best.
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