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Huguenot Cross Shadow Box

"In the 16th century a group of Frenchmen wore, as a symbol of their evangelist faith as Protestants, a unique cross to give themselves recognition in a nation overwhelmingly Catholic. Those Frenchmen were given a nickname, they were called Huguenots. It did not take long for those Christians to make it a name of honor.

In the beginning of the twentieth century this old custom was revived, not only in France, but wherever Protestants lived, all over the world. The cross itself has a base of the Maltese cross. The Maltese cross has four arms of equal length and each arm becomes progressively broader as it leaves the center. The outer edge of each arm is indented in the shape of a V. This shape leaves two points at the end of each arm, eight in all, which represent (in Matthew 5:3-10) the Beatitudes.

Sometimes in the center of the cross is a flower, vine or lily, as these are symbols of purity. The four open spaces between the arms of the cross form four hearts, the symbol of loyalty.

The Huguenots later added the dove to the lower arm of the cross. The ascending dove symbolized the spirit of man moving upward toward God. Most often the dove was shown descending, symbolizing the Holy Spirit coming down to man. I hope you enjoy my interpretation in sculpture of the Huguenot Cross.
-Kenneth Wyatt

Pewter HUGUENOT CROSS framed in a shadow box. Accented with a silver colored nameplate imprinted ""heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on Him as a dove."" Cross measures 6
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