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Apostle Composite
Apostle Composite
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"A composite print of Jesus, Paul, and the Twelve Apostles created by Kenneth Wyatt.

""To pick up a brush, touch it to a dab of paint, reach up to the canvas, and then begin to create an image, which I pray will mean something to others as well as myself, is always a moment of real challenge and excitement. First, as I began painting The Apostles, I felt the exuberance of actually starting and a determination to do my best. Next, came my complete commitment to the long months of involvement with these paintings and, yet, a fear of doing this holy task. Most important of all, I felt joy for the opportunity of serving God and His Church. My models came from many locations and from many walks of life. Jesus selected His followers in much the same way: He called one from the tax tables, another from the carpenter's trade, a few from the sea, and still others from tents, houses, and deserts. I present to you Jesus and His Apostles as I saw them in my mind and felt them in my heart."" -Kenneth Wyatt "
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