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"Jude was probably the son of James (the Great) and therefore the grandson of Zebedee, a rather successful fisherman of Galilee. In Matthew 4:18-22, we find the story of James and John in the fishing boat with their father, Zebedee. This story was the key to my choosing the age of Jude for my painting. I deduced that if the grandfather was still working in the boats - and not of necessity, for Mark plainly states he had hired servants - he was probably in his early sixties. Zebedee's son James then would be in his forties. So Jude, son of James, must certainly be the youngest of the Apostles at approximately the age of twenty years. Jude - and I suggest that most young men at age twenty feel this way - wanted to know all things, wanted to find the truth of life, and wanted to search for the right leader and follow him in helping make this world a better place in which to live. That's what I wanted to portray in my painting of Jude.
-Kenneth Wyatt

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